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Class Teacher : Mrs M Haste and Miss M Tasker

Teaching Assistant : Miss C Shaw 

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Celebration of Home Learning

Home Learning Term 4 and 5

Take a look at the gallery below.  There really has been some super home learning this year!

Doubling and halving with base 10

How to Mummify a Tomato Experiment

Walmer Class read and wrote instructions to mummify a pharaoh.  They then adapted the instructions to mummify a tomato (in the absence of a volunteer to be mummified!).  The tomatoes were scraped out, cleaned and filled and covered in a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda (like the ancient Egyptian natron), before being left for two weeks.

Today the tomatoes were unearthed, observations made and the weight checked.  These results were compared to the tomatoes at the beginning of the experiment to see what changes had occurred and to try and explain why.  This was a practical – and fun – way of learning about an ancient civilisation; how to write instructions and also how to carry out a scientific investigation.  What a lot of learning!

Learn Alongside

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome so many parents into Walmer Class this week for our Work Alongside.  The children had a wonderful time sharing their learning; including explaining how we mummified tomatoes, created a water cycle, drew and created clay Eyes of Horus and designed personal cartouches. It was particularly lovely to see the concentration and intensity on adult faces as they cut, folded and stuck 3-D pyramids and sphinxes together!  Thank you for taking the time to come along.

World Book Day

Some of Walmer class children dressed up on world book day