School Council

At St Martin’s our school motto is: Above all, the child. This means that every single child who comes to St Martin’s is at the very heart of the school with every adult working towards this common ethos. This also means that every child has the right to be heard and that their opinions and ideas matter. One of the ways we ensure this happens, is through our School Council,  which is made up of children from each year group, each of which were elected by their class.

Always work together as a team.

Be reliable and responsible.

Listen to all suggestions and ideas.

Feedback and discuss ideas from Council meetings to our classes.

Always respect other people’s opinions and points of view.

Here are some of our aims for the year:

  • I want to be kind to people and encourage others to be kind as well.
  • I want to help charities and children in my school.
  • I will be a good role model for the school and help those in need.
  • I want to make the school a better place.