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St Martin's School

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Term 6

Our Topic this term is entitled 'Around the World'.

How big is the world? How is it made up? What are the names of the continents and oceans? These are BIG questions, which we will begin to answer this term. Journey with us on a virtual cruise around the world, visiting each continent as we go and sailing across the many oceans. Using compass directions, we will sail to each continent where we will learn important facts about one of the major cities. Do all countries have and celebrate the same things? Let’s find out through exploring customs, culture and geographical features as we travel to each continent, making comparisons along the way. As spectacular Scientists we will study the habitats of animals and consider where and why animals live in the continents they do. In Art and DT we will take global inspiration from a range of countries to create final pieces of artwork and replicas of cultural emblems.