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St Martin's School

St Martin'sSchool

Term 6

Our Topic this term is entitled Enchanted Wood and Light

Plants have lived on Earth for over 400 million years. Some plants in our gardens today were around at the same time as the dinosaurs. Why have plants been so successful? This term we become botanists, building on our KS1 learning about plants to discover more and deepen our understanding of plants. What lights up the world? If there was no light, there would be no life on our planet. Light helps plants to grow, it warms the planet, and it allows us to see all the wonders around us, we extend our Science learning, through learning all about light. Using nature as inspiration in Art Using nature as an inspiration colour wheel – Rebecca Vincent – Woodland inspiration. Using nature as an inspiration colour wheel children study the work of Rebecca Vincent alongside their own experiences and imagination to create their own canvas with the title ‘The Enchanted Woodland’.