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Term 6

Our Topic this term is entitled 'Code Breakers'.

We are surrounded by codes! What to DNA and websites have in common? They are both made up of codes! This term we will investigate the world of codes around us! We have lots of science knowledge at our fingertips; it can be found quickly and easily on the Internet. The science knowledge in books and websites is what other scientists have discovered in the past. To discover new things ourselves we need to be able to be able to ‘do’ science not just ‘know’ about it. During this topic, we will learn how to ‘do’ science. We will learn several, important, scientific skills. These skills can be used in a whole range of scientific situations. However we will use these skills to investigate one branch of science: forces. As super scientists we are going to explore real life applications of air and water resistance to enable us to make choices which have an impact on the safety and efficacy of our designs. We will build parachutes, submersible and surface water vehicles. We will make these safe so that they can deliver our spies safely to the start of their mission and return them home without harm. We will select materials based on their properties and functions. As geographers, we will study the climate of countries around the world and use the knowledge we have gained to make choices about clothing, equipment and transport to enable us to be successful in our missions. We will look at weather data, physical geography and use our findings along with our knowledge of properties of materials gained in previous terms to equip our spies to safely conduct their missions in what can be hostile environments. This will link with our knowledge of graphs from maths and our abilities to write an explanation text from English to enable us to create a coherent document which displays our skills to their fullest. 

As developing designers, we will conduct market research to ensure that our designs are unique and purposeful. We will design a spy gadget that is based on specifications.  We will use the skills of measuring we have learned during our time at school along with the tool skills we have gained to create a product which fits the given parameters and demonstrates the accuracy with which we can use measuring and tools to create. We will use our knowledge of textiles and sewing to join materials together in order to create a garment-based spy gadget with which our spy can be successful in their mission. We will select and use appropriate tools accurately to make our design a reality.  


For our Learning Lift-off this term we looked at all things spies and codebreaking. First, we spent time learning about famous spies throughout history. Did you know that Roald Dahl was a spy? We created posters in our books showcasing their skills and experiences.

Next, we investigated different codes. We learned about the code Julius Caesar used by moving each letter back 3 spaces in the alphabet. We learned how numbers can be used as codes and how symbols can be used to write messages.

Finally, we learned about orienteering codes used by people to communicate with each other using natural materials such as rocks, sticks and grass. We had to follow the codes in the secret garden to find and decode the hidden messages hidden by Mr Boot. Lots of us walked past the codes which made us realise how easy it would have been to miss these codes.