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St Martin's School

St Martin'sSchool

Term 4

Reading stories is one of our favourite things to do in Dover Class. We love listening to stories, retelling stories and searching for tricky words in them! We have liked listening to stories by Sue Hendra, our star author like Barry the Fish with Fingers!  

 Books Books Books

Books Books Books

It has been very windy at school! We have noticed that the trees are moving lots and we can even hear the big gusts! We made kites using plastic bags and string and tested them on the playground in the wind! They flew very high! 

Kites Kites Kites

We have loved being back in school and getting stuck into our new topic ‘Who are you going to call?’ We have enjoyed role playing Superheroes and real life superheroes such as vets and doctors. We have had of fun making our own superhero shields and squashing the evil peas from Supertato! 

Helping Helping

 Helping  Helping

We have been learning how to use the Ipad to take photos. We learnt how to swipe and click to take a photo and then took photos of our learning and the people who help us around school! 

Taking Photos Taking Photos  

Taking Photos Taking Photos