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St Martin's School

St Martin'sSchool

Term 4

The children have settled back into school incredibly well. Our first task was to create a piece of artwork, while brushing up on our collaborative skills. We created a mindfulness bee; it has come together beautifully and has really brightened up our classroom.


We spent Monday afternoon creating artwork based on the song ‘Bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover’ by Vera Lynn.

The children and teachers are extremely proud of the artwork they created. Here are some examples.


seaside seaside

 As part of our learning on WW2, we have started to create our WW2 character (of an evacuee child) and have started on our journey. We have found out where we will be evacuated to and we have recorded our journey in our evacuee scrapbooks.


As part of our wellbeing learning, we have studied, sketched and then used water colours to paint leaves for our Year 6 display – The Tree of Positivity. Each leaf has a positive word written on it.


leaf leaf

cityscape cityscape


We’ve had a fantastic 2 days exploring the history and purpose of the national census. We conducted our own survey of the birds in the local area and went out on ‘bird watch’ on the school’s field, then we decided how to present our data and explained what it showed.