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St Martin's School

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Term 3

Our Topic this term is entitled 'May the Force be with You'.

This term we become expert physicists! Forces are pushing and pulling at everything in our Universe. Even as we sit in our classroom, the walls and the ceiling are pushing and pulling at each other, while gravity and friction hold us in our seats. How has Science inspired Art? This term we study a range of artists who have been inspired by Science, we look to Science to inspire our own masterpieces and consider the importance of ‘inspiration’. In DT we will apply our knowledge of magnets to design, create and evaluate a game.


We started our learning on forces and magnets by learning two types of forces ‘push’ and ‘pull’. We played tug of war to show the force of pull. We also practised chest passes to each other to show the force of ‘push’. We also learnt the word gravity and bounced the ball to each other to show how gravity pulls objects towards the ground.

In maths we have been looking at multiplication and division. We started using cubes to show equal groups of amounts. We then moved onto arrays and again we started by using cubes to show the arrays.

In English, we have been looking at the story ‘The Iron man’ by Ted Hughes. To start our learning we looked at the vocabulary in the book and identified words that were unknown to us. Together, we created an Iron man dictionary to help us remember the meaning of the words. We also discussed the foods that the Iron man would eat. We created a menu for the Iron man… we hoped he would like the food.

In topic we have been looking at how science has inspired art. We have started using the force of ‘push’ to create monster and aliens. We have got a blob of paint on our piece of paper and have been pushing the paint around to make the art work.