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St Martin's School

St Martin'sSchool

Term 3

Learning Lift Off:


We have been busy on our first week back to school! Our new topic this term is ‘Home Sweet Home’ so we have spent an afternoon building houses using different materials such as Lego, Duplo, paper, and junk modelling.

They look fabulous and we have created a class road, full of our houses. We have been adding to these across the week when our house construction zone is open for building.

Learning Lift Off Learning Lift Off

Learning Lift Off


The Three Little Pigs

This week we have introduced ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and created actions to do whilst reading the story. We had some very good ‘Big Bad Wolfs’ huffing and puffing, it nearly blew me away. We also swapped to being the little pigs building a straw, brick, and wooden house, there were some good builders!