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St Martin's School

St Martin'sSchool

Term 3

Our topic this term is entitled 'Ancient Egyptians'.

Why do we learn about ancient civilisations? Who were the Ancient Egyptians and how do we know about them? As budding historians, we will travel back in time and develop our knowledge and understanding of how their lives were different to ours and their legacy today. When studying history, we are looking in the mirror at ourselves – looking both backwards and forwards. History helps us understand who we are as society now, how we got here, and what we learned along the way. When looking at ancient history, Ancient Egypt has some of the most incredible, compelling, exciting puzzles and mysteries that can be found in studying how humanity began forming civilizations.


In English we have been learning how to write effective instructions and we gave each other instructions to follow,in order to create objects made out of paper or playdough.

In Creative Curriculum lessons this term,we have been learning about the Ancient Egypt. We looked at various artefacts and we enjoyed exploring topics such as pyramids and mummification.

We used the ancient embalmers’ methods to mummify tomatoes.

Maths – Sharing

We have been practicing doing our sharing and how we can make lots of equal groups. We worked together to make groups out of 20 counters/dinosaurs. We were such motivated monkeys.