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St Martin's School

St Martin'sSchool

Term 1

This term our topic is ‘Me, Myself and I’. We looked and celebrated how we are all different, then drew our self-portraits. We also looked at the work of Pablo Picasso then made our own abstract self-portraits using oil pastels!


Wall picture of our self portraits

Molly's self portrait in the style of Picasso

​​​​Self portraits in the style of Picasso


Our self portraits in the style of Picasso


In Maths we have been learning about capacity. We have been making lots of amazing recipes in the water tray for yummy dinners and delicious cakes. We have also been making potions! Using lots of brilliant vocabulary such as nearly full and overflowing.


Girl sitting at desk smiling Girl with bowls infront

Children counting small coloured objects Girl with water pouring into a cylinder


We have been exploring maps and looking at where we live, Dover. We have been looking at key features and making routes. Have a look at our class map of Dover we made as a whole class! We use lots of different materials we found in the classroom.

Girl pointing to a large map on an interactive whiteboard Small blocks on the floor

Children with Brio trainset on the floor Children with Brio trainset on the floor


We have been exploring numbers in lots of different ways and becoming confident in our place value. Making amounts, ordering forwards and backwards and even picking different numbers and ordering them smallest to greatest. Super mathematicians!

Boy around a table with counter marbles Girls in front of a board with counting aids

Counting tools on a table Girl sat at a table with numbers and building blocks

Activities in counting on a table

In Science we have been learning about different parts of the body. In our role play area we used this knowledge to help each other in the doctor’s surgery! We have also been linking this to people who help us, such as people who work in the NHS.

Child playing as an NHS doctor Children playing as NHS health workers

Girl receiving first aid to the arm Girl receiving a aural examination from another child

Two girls one pretending to work for the NHS