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Term 1

Our Topic this term is entitled 'Rotten Romans'

What impact did the Romans coming to Britain have on our lives today? Historians suggest that the, ‘Roman invasion of Britain was the most significant event ever to happen to the British Isles. It affected our language, our culture, our geography, our architecture and even the way we think’. How can we prove this? Nearly 2000 years ago, the Romans came to Britain and changed our country. Throughout our topic, we will explore what life was like in Ancient Rome and investigate how the Roman Empire spread and eventually conquered Britain in 43AD. We will look for evidence of the Romans all around us and consider life in Britain before and after the arrival of the Romans.


This term we are learning about The Romans. For our learning lift off, we visited the Dover Museum. We learnt facts about the Roman soldier and explored some of the Roman artefacts and had a guessing game of what each artefact was, some of us guessed correctly! Whilst we were there, we used clay to sculpt a Roman soldier, once back at school we then painted our Roman soldiers. Here are some pictures of our amazing work!


Year 4 enjoyed their trip to the Roman Fort in Richborough. We have learnt about the Romans in Britain and we looked at the artefacts, such as coins, ceramics and metal tools.