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Partnership with Parents

Our partnership with parents and carers is very important and we like to involve you from the very start of your child’s journey at St Martin’s! 

You will be invited to attend transition days with your child during the summer term prior to your child’s start in our Early Years Foundation Stage classroom in September.

Once your child is here, we are keen to retain open communication and staff are available at the end of each day for you to check-in with teaching staff about your child.  You can use your child’s contact book/reading record book to communicate with the teacher on a day-to-day basis if you feel there are messages that need passing on. If you would like a more detailed meeting, then you can contact the office to arrange this with the teacher. 

We offer two formal parent-teacher consultation sessions during the year (one in term 2 and one in term 4).  As well as written updates about your child’s progress throughout the year, you will also receive a written report in term 6 and will have the opportunity to see the teacher if you have any questions.

We have an online App that enables us to send you letters and weekly newsletters via an email system.  This helps us to reduce the quantity of paper used to send letters home with the children.  You can also make any payments to the school (eg for dinners, breakfast club etc) through this system.

Communication through this website is updated regularly, as is our Facebook page.  If you are a parent/carer and are interested in joining our private Facebook group, please contact the office to obtain a permission slip.

We have a group of parents that meet regularly on a Monday morning for coffee/tea in our Eaves Room (the meeting room opposite the main office).  You are more than welcome to join us, where we discuss school events and fundraising opportunities. Unfortunately, this coffee morning is currently on hold, due to the pandemic.

Throughout the year we offer a variety of ways you can be involved in your child’s education and school-life.  You can attend assemblies, sessions in the classroom and also volunteer to support us on our trips off site.

We also carry out an annual Parent Survey, where we more formally collate your views about the school.

We offer an open-door policy, please come and talk to us!

You are very welcome!