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St Martin's School

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Welcome to St Martin’s School, part of the Whinless Down Academy Trust.

Developing happy, successful and confident children that are equipped for the future is our core purpose at St Martin’s School.  We aim to inspire pupils to believe in their dreams, setting themselves ambitions and goals to strive towards. Working together, we ensure children develop the skills and mind-set they require in order to meet them.

Within our safe climate of learning, children are encouraged to be inquisitive, asking questions and endeavouring to seek answers to them. We want pupils to be confident and willing to take risks, secure in the knowledge that, by making mistakes, we learn.

Learning should be enjoyable and creative, enabling children to relish their learning journey with us.  They are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and the world around them, learning about the impact we all have on our environment and surroundings, and about building a better future for all.

We believe pupils should develop tolerance and an understanding of difference and that it is important that our future generations value and celebrate diversity in the ever-changing world in which we live. At St Martin’s each individual is celebrated for who they are.

We work in close collaboration with our partner schools within the Whinless Down Academy Trust, giving children opportunity to have connections outside our own school setting – competitive sports, musical events and academic challenges are just a few of the opportunities that children can experience.

If you would like your child to be part of the St Martin’s family, please contact the school and arrange a visit – you are more than welcome to come and see the school in action!

Helen Thompson