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We provide a curriculum at St Martin's School that offers our children an exciting and engaging learning experience. Our aim is to instil a passion for learning and the desire to learn more.

Alongside the requirements of the National Curriculum, the values that we hold are crucial elements that are intertwined throughout the learning journey that we offer.

Early Years Foundation Stage:

It is usual that children move from a nursery setting in to our Early Years classroom. Close links with both parents and local nurseries ensure that a smooth transition occurs and establishes a happy and safe environment. Children learn within the Foundation Stage curriculum that is based around the Early Learning Goals. Every day, the learning experience will reveal new experiences, opportunities and a chance to explore the world in which they live.

Key Stage 1:

At key stage 1, children’s initial learning will be based around the learning that they did in EYFS. As they settle in to the more formal learning environment, English and Maths will be taught as discrete subjects, extending skills, knowledge and understanding. Themed topic approaches help children to understand the world in which we live and how different subjects are intrinsically linked with each other giving our children a rich learning experience.

Key Stage 2:

As our pupils continue their learning journey into Key Stage 2 the themed approach is further developed empowering our children to explore and understand that individual subjects do not stand alone but are a labyrinth of connections and branches. This enables our children to understand the nature of learning and helps them to develop the skills required to become inquisitive, imaginative and independent learners, aspiring to be even better. Basic skills are at the core of all our learning and our children will receive a core diet of English and Mathematics and have wider opportunities to develop their skills in more distinct subjects as music, PE, religious education and French. We proudly prepare our children as they move from primary education into the secondary sector not only academically, but emotionally, physically and with moral courage.


Should you wish to find out more about the curriculum we follow, please email us: