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On Monday 20th March St Martin's offered twelve pupils from Year 5 an exciting Bikeability opportunity. St Martin's welcomed two fantastic Bikeability instructors into school to teach our twelve superstars about road safety.

What did we achieve and learn during our Bikeability day?
•    The cyclists learnt how to check their bicycles safely.
•    All of the cyclist managed to achieve both their level 1 and level 2 bikeability award.
•    The cyclist learnt about road safety and how to apply this when cycling out on the roads.
•    Before leaving for your bike ride remember your head-to-toe safety checks.
•    All cyclists were able to list the A B C D check points.
A-Before going out for a bike ride check the Air in your tires.
B-Before going out for a bike ride check the Brakes
C-Before going out for a bike ride check the Chain
D-Before going out for a bike ride check the Direction of the handle bars.

Thank you to all of the cyclist who participated in Bikeability on Monday 20th March 2023, we hope you enjoyed your active day cycling.

Thank you Bikeability for offering our school such a fantastic opportunity, we look forward to welcoming Bikeability back into our school next year!

Happy cycling and remember to stay safe!
If you or your child are interested in being involved in additional Bikeability training courses please visit the following website-