Welfare of Children at St Martin’s School

At St Martin’s School, we care for each and every pupil. We want the children to feel safe, secure and happy throughout their learning journey.  Our school mission is C.A.R.E.  We are Consistent, have Aspirations, have Responsibility, and have high Expectations about our children’s futures.

At St Martin’s we value the importance of embracing the whole child.  To support the welfare of all children we offer the following support.

  • Opportunities for children to talk about any worries or concerns.
  • Chat boxes are available throughout the school, where children can post any worries they may have.  These boxes are monitored by the Learning Mentor daily and followed up.
  • We run a successful ‘Rainbows Programme’ to support children who may have experienced a significant change within their family setting.  This may include death of a family member, parental separation or divorce. 
  • Children’s needs vary during their learning journey.  We are able to access support from outside agencies.  There are many services available such as Speech & Language, Educational Psychologist, School Nursing Team and the Early Intervention Team.
  • Posters are displayed throughout the school sharing key information for children so they know how and who to talk to if they need help.  These include, Childline Helpline, Inclusion Team and Safeguarding Team.

If you would like more information on any of the above, please contact the main office, who will direct you to the necessary member of staff.