St Martin’s RotaKids

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We’re now in our fourth year of RotaKids here at St Martin’s School – doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun and the enthusiasm hasn’t diminished yet! Our main project IN SCHOOL during the year ahead is to help the very youngest children in school make the best possible start to their education, though, of course, we will still be doing lots in the community too. We have taken ownership of the outside classroom today, and have already come up with some ideas to help make it even better.

Chidlren throughout Key Stage 2 in the school are able to join RotaKids – all we ask is for them to write a letter to our President, Isaac Scoble, explaining their reasons for joining. These are then discussed at a Club meeting and a vote is taken. Obviously, space is limited, so we are not always able to offer a place straight away. As before, activities we organise ourselves will be open to all children within the school.

If you would like any further information about RotaKids at St Martin’s, please contact Miss Terry via the School Office.