to Margate Class


Class Teacher: Miss Mayes

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Waugh

Our Kingswood Learn Alongside was a huge success.

Year 6 spent 2 days in 1939 as St Martin’s evacuees.

Year 6 creating’Blitz Art’ after learning all about the days of terrible bombing in London

Year 6 have found some novel ways to complete their revision this week.

Amber and Lori recapped their measurements and conversions whilst making pizzas in after school club.

We all took part in ‘The Big year 6 GPS quiz’ working in teams to recap all our grammar and punctuation skills.

Having some well deserved ‘down time’ we were inspired by the graffiti artist ‘Banksy’ and created our own tags.

The class have worked so hard all year, I know they are going to be amazing next week.

Nice early nights for us all on Sunday night and we’ll be ready to be awesome!!

Well done Margate class, we are incredibly proud of you.

Miss Mayes, Mrs Waugh and Mrs Howarth x x

Year 5 and 6 took part in an NSPCC workshop. Speak Out. Stay Safe.

Today was our science Jamboree! Firstly Miss Mayes and Jayden were called to the front of the ‘Science Show’ to help Mr Coad perform an experiment. We vacuum packed Jayden in a black sack!

In one of our workshops, the children created hydrogen bubbles in an experiment learning about the density of gases. They then set fire to the bubbles on their hands (don’t worry all health and safety precautions were followed-we closed our eyes!)