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EYFS Manager : Mrs R Bishop

Class Teacher : Mrs K Whitehead

Teaching Assistant : Mrs J Goodman

Teaching Assistant : Miss E Hammond

Mrs Goodman
Miss Hammond

Welcome back to Term 4! 

This term our topic is All Sorts of People – we will be learning all about the people that help us. We will also be having some special visitors this term – watch this space to find out who! 

Welcome to Term 3!

Happy New Year to all of Dover Class and their families. This term our topic is Once Upon a Time – this will focus on lots of learning based on a variety of traditional tales. 

We have been enjoying doing Write Dance this term! It helps makes our muscles strong ready for writing!

We have been pretending to be Beebots and giving each other directions to move around the grid. 

We absolutely loved our Class Assembly – all our Mums and Dads came to see us. We told them all about our learning and told them the story of The Little Red Hen. 

We planted our own bean seeds – just like Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk. We are going to make sure they have water, soil and light to help them grow. 

Welcome back to Term 2!

Out topic this term is Colours. We will be learning all about different festivals including Divali, Holi and Remembrance Day. Our focus text will be Elmer by David McKee. Please see below for a more detailed overview of your child’s learning. 

We had so much fun making our reindeer hats that we wore to our yummy Christmas dinner!

We investigated Mrs Whiteheads ice balloons. We liked feeling them and seeing how long they took to melt. We also used different tools to try and get out the things hidden inside.

We were so excited when our Mums and Dads came to Learn Alongside! They came to share lots of lovely activities with us. It was so much fun!


We have been using lots of different manipulatives to make repeating patterns. 

We had so much fun exploring pumpkins at Halloween. We counted the seeds we found inside and enjoyed getting messy, discussing how they felt, both inside and outside.

 Term 1 in Dover Class.

Our topic is Marvellous Me! Click below to see this term’s newsletter. 

We have been enjoying our first few weeks at school – learning the rules and routines and exploring the classroom and outside area.

We enjoyed making paper plate faces. We had to try to make it look like ourselves. 

We have been practising writing our names. 

We had so much fun pretending to be pirates! We walked the plank, captured ships and searched in the outside area for gold treasure! We are also very good at saying “oooh-arrgh!”


We have been recognising numerals to 20, putting them in the correct order and counting the correct number of corresponding objects.